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Duh! – The Smart Way to Comparison Shopping & Great Deals

Imagine that you’re a merchant who sells home appliances and electronics online.

Bill loves the washer and dryer set he purchased from you last year. When Bill starts researching for kitchen appliances for his kitchen renovation project, he searches on PriceDuh.com and while there, he sees your ad. He clicks the DUH button on the ad as a way to recommend it and your quality appliances to other Priceduh visitors.

Susie, who is researching new appliances for her laundry room, visits Priceduh.com to find great low prices  and selection. When she sees your ad on PriceDuh.com and that Bill & other users DUHed it, the recommendation of other satisfied users to your appliance website helps Susie choose where to purchase her next washer and dryer.

The Price DUH button is a way for those who enjoy doing business with you to recommend your products and services to their users around the world. You will experience more qualified visitors to your website

Duh Education: How The Duh Started

Duh! Winning – Find Out How

When you try and succeed at winning something you have the feeling like you got ahead . You’re on top of the world and ahead of your peers.

Sometimes winning is so easy you feel like saying “well no duh” and other times you have to give it all you’ve got to win. Duh is what people say when it was like a no brainer. So obvious that no duh anyone can do that.  Have you ever heard someone say “duh” when they thought “of course” something was a certain way?

For Example: You want to know how you could be the winning baseball fan who takes home two tickets for your favorite baseball team’s opening day game? Now that would be a no duh winning moment wouldn’t it?

Well, Duh! Winning this contest is something you might want to give a try. All you have to do is to like our facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter. You can also enter by visiting Priceduh.com and enter at least 5 great deals at http://www.priceduh.com/submitduh.asp and get your friends and family to duh (vote) them to the home page.

Like I told you …Duh! Winning should be a piece of cake. So you can like our facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter or visit http://www.priceduh.com/submitduh.asp and qualify to win 2 premium field box seats for your favorite baseball team’s opening day game.

The Last Duh –

You get the chance to follow PriceDuh.com’s  great money saving deals on face book and twitter and you get to find smart deals. It’s a win  win. Duh!

The more you duh, the more you save at PriceDuh.com

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