PriceDuh. Find and share smart,
NO-Brainer deals as voted by our community of “Duhers”.

 A real NO-BRAINER Opportunity for Merchants!

Showcase your products with zero out-of-pocket expense while gathering unbiased recommendations from thousands of smart shoppers world-wide. 

Heres what you need to get started

simply create a free Merchant Account and submit a product feed (either new or pre-existing from other sites you list on, such as Google Shopping, Nextag, Amazon Product Ads, etc.) Once approved, you can start listing!

 A DUH button placed on the Merchant’s product page will automatically display products on This allows for an unlimited amount of items to be displayed on                                                 


A DUH button placed on the Merchant’s Homepage will allow a listing of up to 500 products on



Coupon codes for savings such as free shipping or site-wide discount (such as percentage-off) on the Merchant site will allow a listing of up to 1000 products on per coupon code. Code must contain the words PRICEDUH.

Assign coupons for specifically select items and will automatically display 200 items per coupon applied for each item.


Need help decideing which option is best for you ? Contact Us today



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