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milttea has 1 Duhs
robert1 has 81 Duhs
administrator has 14 Duhs
jacabe44 has 1 Duhs
philiplev has 2 Duhs
kleinzck1 has 3 Duhs
like2shop has 1 Duhs
JK8675309 has 10 Duhs
ciesla504 has 18 Duhs
DinaJ has 5 Duhs
feralvegan has 1 Duhs
FLboyzmom has 1 Duhs
indybaby57 has 208 Duhs
elphokitty has 6 Duhs
MCJunkie has 29 Duhs
MissingLynxx has 220 Duhs
kgereg has 5 Duhs
mrcapncaveman has 8 Duhs
christinaandjeffallred has 7 Duhs
neeners50 has 1 Duhs
mclapman has 2 Duhs
andrew90 has 1 Duhs
tjpina1 has 3 Duhs
brownatural has 1 Duhs
luckyshopper has 1 Duhs
jlamchugh has 1 Duhs
davisesq212 has 14 Duhs
tannawings has 3 Duhs
tkharmonic has 1 Duhs
debralu has 132 Duhs
justicecw has 1 Duhs
mstavros2 has 10 Duhs
shihtzuation has 2 Duhs
fragdemented has 8 Duhs
longislandmomx2 has 1 Duhs
Kimbuckjr has 3 Duhs
sampstace has 2 Duhs
eris8 has 4 Duhs
whitbord has 1 Duhs
peatheski has 1 Duhs
gasman912 has 4 Duhs
FacebookUser has 24 Duhs
emeralds84 has 3 Duhs
OliviaHamilton has 8 Duhs


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